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Welcome to OMG COMIX

The brainchild of Artist, Writer and Creator Dan Hammond. OMG COMIX is the twisted, yet hilarious, production of comics designed to make you laugh. A comic publisher that doesn't take anything too serious in order to help the jaded comic book reader take comfort in nonpolitically correct tales of the bizarre. A world where off-beat, kooky, nonsensical and off-base are the norm.

Seth The Elf

What happens when Santa's oldest serving Elf becomes a slave to the bottle and the electric lettuce? Well, let's just say that he's not a union man...Seth finds himself out on his own and into a heap of trouble in this icy Arctic tale that will warm your innards!


Alien Hillbilly

A blundering Alien (No, not a Mexican!) finds himself abandoned on this ball of mud we call Earth. See what happens when he gets taken in by some Ozark Mountain simple folk. Hilarity ensues! Kew, Kew, Kew...! (issue #2 coming soon)